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How many of you have been to antique shops or flea markets and seen the drawers or bins of old photographs? Sometimes there are hundreds of them all piled on top of each other like cheese slices. How many of you walk on by them without a second glance? Or maybe you’re like me and the bin of photos isn’t just a bin in the back of an antique shop. It’s King Tut. It’s Treasure Island. It’s the Holy Grail.

I can spend hours picking through the photos, staring into the faces of people I don’t know and places I’ve never been. Each one is like a mystery, with the clues given in expressions and body language. Sometimes there will be writing on them. One will talk about how lonesome is it is at home while their loved one is God knows where overseas. Another will show a picture of a child, with plump cheeks and bright eyes, with an explanation on the back that this is little Nathan who died of dropsy last month.

Every picture is but a moment and in that moment something was happening in the lives of those captured. I often feel compelled to try to tell their story, as I see it.

I started this blog as a place to put fragments of history and my interpretations of them. If you find inspiration in these photos you should try and tell their story too, perhaps you’ll discover something about yourself along the way.

I’m a Fiction Writing major at Columbia College Chicago. I’m not the only one with this hobby. Ransom Riggs (Author) put together a perfect video to describe it.

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